Managing a business process could be a very challenging task for the business stakeholders. Having some management tools over the business processes to fully automate the process with acquired business knowledge, store data and organize business workflow, will be the best way to run business with less effort and more efficient by reducing business process cost, increasing productivity and potential increase in revenue.

TIE promises their clients to have a Business Process Management system which offers better look at the business and more time for the client to think about the business over the process.


How do we serve you?


  • Business Requirements Workshops

    We involve our client in a series of workshops to understand the business process across departments, analyze the gaps and overlap the conflicts between requirements, and then we develop an E2E business process that describes the organization objectives and finally translate them into technical requirements.

  • Integration with existing systems

    Our BPM solution can integrate with your existing IT systems to keep data consistence. No matter if your current systems are internal or external; we are using the open interfaces to integrate the BPM solution with your settled IT suites.

For each type of service TIE has restricted principles and rules to be followed, to ensure high quality product:

  • Agility and Flexibility

    Business processes are required to be changed and improved frequently; here comes the importance of BPM system flexibility, where you could quickly adapt your system to changing requirements.

  • High performance and Scalability

    Small companies to large organizations, BPM system must handle big numbers of system transactions per minutes/hour/day, and hundreds of users at once, in a way that keeps the system stable and robust.


 We use some of the most efficient tools to develop a BPM system:

  •  jBPM
  • Red Hat
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Alfresco ECM
  • Alfresco Activiti
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