TIE has a team of highly skilled professionals with an in-depth experience in the latest technologies in the web-applications. We supply our clients with a range of web application development services, starting from simple content web-applications to e-Business applications and social network services.

TIE are delighted to provide you a full support of building, deploying and managing powerful web-apps, using latest technologies and considering high standards.

How do we serve you?


TIE professional team prefers to work with Agile Software Development to ensure your approved features delivery will start after only two weeks.

We make sure that what you want is what we understand. That’s why we gather your application features through a series of workshops, where our team works with the client’s team to capture how the work is done.

After that TIE team dig into requirements to generate Epic stories, graphs, scrum artifacts and user-stories. TIE team plans for project versions, sprints and deliverables, and then estimates the sprints, usually a sprint requires two weeks of development, after each sprint, TIE team deploys the application into the staging environment and after each version is released we deploy it to production environment.


 We believe that standards are there to help creating better products, that’s why we put them in the early stages of each service production.

We are following the best practices for developing responsive websites with high UX (User Experience Design).

For web applications developed for government we are following the EU/UK standards for web application development.


We use variety of the most updated web-development technologies to develop reliable, robust and user friendly web-applications; such as:

  •  ASP .net
  • PHP
  • ADF
  • CMS ( WordPress Platform )
Web-Application Development Services
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