TIE is your guarantee of producing high quality products by performing different types of testing over the products. We offer our clients diverse styles of testing consultations, outsourcing and automation techniques.

Variation of testing tools, types, plans and techniques grant our team to deliver tangible results and gain clients satisfaction.

TIE Testing phases

software quality management

 Our exceptional value could be found in our special techniques in conducting Unit Testing, Performance testing and Automating testing.

Consultation services

Our team of testing professionals is ready for any testing consultations from testing infrastructure criteria like tools, environment and budget, to project testing reviews like plan, conditions, cases and requirements. They also conduct investigation on the whole process of software life cycle to find the defects that could delay the schedule.


  • Testing Tools
  •  Work Location
  • Test Environment
  • Testing Budget
  • Team Structure
  • Needed Trainings
  • Test Policy & Strategy
  • Defect Life Cycle


  •  Test Plan
  • Test Schedule
  • Test Estimate
  • Test Conditions
  • Test Cases
  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Art Work

Test Outsourcing Services

 We wish to empower consumers of software, both programmers and end users to be in control of the quality of the software they use. Software testing has to be fast, automated, and as easy and accessible as any webapplication. That is why we promise to provide client with models of Testing as a Service (TaaS) and Testing as a Managed Service (TaaMS), with some staffing flavors such as onsite, remotely and blended testing.

When it comes do diverse types of testing, in TIE you can find everything, from simple Static Testing, to complex Dynamic Testing, Manual, Automated, Functional, Non-Functional, etc from different testing approaches and techniques.

Quality Assurance

  •  We are using the Continues Integration and Continues Delivery framework to achieve the software quality assurance.
  • Continues Delivery make sure source code is reliable and could be released or tested any time without surprises.
  • Continues Delivery perform the automated test frequently to assure that latest changes didn’t break the existing functionality.
  • Continues Delivery process collaborate Source Control, issue tracking system and automated test into one process.

Technologies & Tools

 Testing tools
  • JUnit
  • JMeter
  • Selenium
Defect tracking
  • JIRA
  • Mantis
Continues delivery
  • SVN/Git/CVS
  • Jenkins/Hudson
  • Ant/Maven
quality management technologies
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