We believe that in order to achieve our vision of revolutionizing the IT industry in the Middle East, we have to be part of entities and organizations who share with us the same vision. This is why; TIE was very keen to be member of esteemed innovative IT entities in Egypt.

ITIDA itida

We are members of ITIDA, Information Technology Industry Development Agency, which was established with the aim of assisting the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in improving the IT industry in Egypt.

EITESAL eitesal

We are part of the Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance (EITESAL). EITESAL is a private sector, non-profit entity bringing under its roof ICT companies, multi-national corporations, organizations and institutions operating in Egypt. EITESAL is envisioning being the main driver leading the development and the transformation of the ICT industry.


Our commitment to revolutionizing the development of the IT industry is translated in our membership in DELTA Technopreneurs Association. DTA is a non- profit organization that acts as a platform that brings together IT business people who are committed to develop a solid base of Entrepreneurship and Innovation culture to serve developing an IT Industry in Nile Delta of Egypt.


Since we believe in work professionalism we produce TIE as a member of Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication (CIT), your gateway to information technology market and industry in Egypt.

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