What are the customers’ challenges we are solving by Infrastructure Automation?

  1. Setup of infrastructure takes long time; from days to weeks.
  2. Setup process might fail which consume more time and increase risk of delivery on time.
  3. Infrastructure management required high skilled resources.
  4. The outcome of a setup task might not be the same if different persons executed it.
  5. It is very difficult to assure that environment is setup correctly.
  6. With massive number of servers and virtual machines, management cost increased significantly as well as number of technical resources.

What could we automate?

We can automate the infrastructure management for any software that could be installed on any Linux or Windows platform. If it is very complex, the automation process will be complex as well but it will be created once, run many times.

Which technologies do we use?

  • Chef, Ansible
  • Vagrant, Docker
  • Redhat Ansible Tower
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