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TIE prides itself for organizing JDC – Java Developers conference. We are honored because TIE’s name was tied to JDC, the Middle East and North Africa largest conference, in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

We are not proud to organize such a giant event only; we are proud because we were one of the channels that facilitated the arrival of the latest Java technologies in the world to the hands of Egypt’s talented Java community.

JDC marks the ideal venue for Java developers form all over the world to meet and share knowledge and experience. We were privileged to bring internationally recognized Java experts to come and share with our talented Egyptian Java community their wealth of experience and their awareness of the latest java technologies in the world.

Success of the event is not only what we aimed for, as we were very keen to transform JDC from a prestigious conference to a vibrant and empowering venue where every Java developer who comes in with passion gets out with valuable information that will contribute positively to his development and enhancement.

We always strive to make every event we organize an added value to IT experts in Egypt. We exert immense efforts to ensure that the IT experience of every attendee gains an inventive new technique from our events.

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