When documents get out of control, comes the need of tools, that will give you some proper strategies and methods to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver all types of documents, contents, and information, among your organizational processes. That is why Enterprise Content Management has been made for.

Why is ECM important for your business?

  •  It is not only about accessing the document, reaching the right version of the document in the right time, and having the right information in the document is the right goals to go when choosing ECM tools.
  • Mange content’s privacy and sharing rules to allow collaboration across functionalities without missing the security of information.
  • It is the insurance of maximizing how your content is to be used.

How do we serve you?

We offer ECM system which gives you diverse features to handle your business challenges:

  • Management features, offer easy access, searching and monitoring documents.
  • Collaboration, offers a powerful workflow management and document’s sharing.
  • Document tools, allow users to organize and maintain many types of documents, and a fast searching engine inside contents.
  • Archiving tools, security features, limit unnecessary access, manage privileges for users and secure documents.

Our solutions will allow the user to:

  • Automate the business process and integrate it with the existing IT systems.
  • Monitor the business process performance.
  • Share the information between departments and teams instantly without waiting for printing and shipping services which takes longer and cost more.
  • Search for any document using the Alfresco powerful search engine.
  • Publish contents to the system and attach any kind of documentation to it.
  • Perform batch scanning and individual scanning with automatic import to the Enterprise Content Management system.
  • Automatic indexing for the documents.
  • Control the access to content and documents using Role Based Access Control.
  • Store any kind of document (XML, HTML, PDF, Doc, voice files, images …etc).
  • Edit the documents inline and export to different formats.
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