Who We Are?

 2012 witnessed the establishment of TIE for Technology and Innovation Events. The foundation stones that we built TIE on are unlimited passion, unsurpassed quality, unmatched value, and unrevealed innovation. We empowered this foundation with our persistence to add value to the IT industry and we enriched it with our wealth of experience. TIE harvested the fruits of this dedication sooner than expected, as in less than two years; TIE acted like a magnet for multinational companies who were eager to collaborate with us and whom we were honored to serve. TIE’s commitment to distinction and its continuously growing appetite to provide cutting -edge technology and incomparable trainings are rewarded with the trust and satisfaction of the prestigious base of clients it serves.

TIE also believes in the vitality of academics, that is why, it is always keen to provide innovative services that comply with international academic standards.

Exceptional is also a key word in TIE’s dictionary, so if you are looking for an exceptional quality of trainings, exceptional technology services, and exceptional event organization, then congratulations! You have just found what you are looking for!

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